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What our patients say...

"I am a true believer in holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul.  I started out on three prescription medications when I began my treatment with Dr. Azzatori.  I have been in treatment for eight months and now I am completely off of the migraine and allergy medications.  The initial reason for getting treatment was for my broken lower back due to a car accident and not only did I benefit by being able to function but holistically as well.  Instead of dealing with the surface problem, he has gotten to the basic root of the problems.  I never thought of getting off of my medicines, I just wanted my back to feel better. 

My daughter, age 13, is in treatment for her neck and headaches.  She hasn't had headaches for over a year and my son, age 10, well, he didn't want to be left out so we are doing a preventative medicine treatment for him and he loves it!"     

-  Terrell C. Robinson, M.Ed


"Just a quick note to say "Thanks" for all of your time, effort, and help recently with my health situation.  I have certainly noticed in the past that Dr. A's office is not the normal doctors' office you find everyday but instead it's like a well oiled machine.  From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile and a first name greeting which is quite impressive.  Everyone there is always friendly and willing to help which means a lot especially in a time where most doctors' offices just treat you as a number and push you through as quickly as possible to get onto the next patient.  Your friendly staff certainly doesn't go un-noticed!  However, recently, you took it one step further and were a huge help.  Your time and effort over the holiday period was most appreciated.  You certainly went above and beyond the call of duty and put my mind at ease and allowed me to enjoy the holidays.  As my wife put it--your phone call on Christmas Eve was the best Christmas present ever!  As a patient of Dr. A's office, your help was very much appreciated.  As a friend, I thank you!!"   -All the best, Brian W.


"Dear. Dr. Azzatori:  You are such a dedicated doctor-I've seen it with my good friend and now with my family.  I can't thank you enough for taking care of my husband and my daughter.  I truly appreciate the care you have given my husband when he could hardly walk.  Your staff is phenomenal-they are always pleasant, welcoming and compassionate.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart!"  -Fondly, Jeanne C.


"My first experience with chiropractics came about 10 years ago with my daughter when she was about 20 months old.  She was suffering from one ear infection after another.  Our doctor said there was fluid in the ears it wasn't draining.  An ENT doctor recommended that we have tubes put in her ears.  A friend suggested that we try a chiropractor first before doing the procedure.  She was very young but I was more open to chiropractics than having a knife cut above her ear for the tubes.

I made an appointment and got her 'adjusted'.  I was speaking with the doctor for a few minutes afterwards.  My daughter walked up to me and asked for a tissue...her nose was running like a faucet.  Her ears were draining.  I try to make sure that she's adjusted at least once a month.  She hasn't had another ear infection since."  -M. Gray, Quakertown, PA


Nathan S. - 3 1/2 yrs old

In March of 2007, my son Nathan was born 7 and half weeks prematurely.  He was immediately put on a respirator and more antibiotics than I could count.  After 5 weeks in a Neonatal ICU, he was finally strong and well enough to come home.  The following Winter of 2008, he was diagnosed with asthma and reactive airway disease.  He was hospitalized 6 times, and was continuously given breathing medications, oral steriods, and oral antibiotics.  The following Winter of 2008 was the same thing.  Breathing treatments, steriods, and antibiotics.  He was 2 years old and could barely tolerate more than 5 minutes of running around without having a coughing fit. 

At this point, I was getting frustrated, thinking to myself, "Why am I giving my son all of these medications, and he is not getting any better?"  So I starting asking around and doing research.  I found that adjusting could be very beneficial for asthma and allergies. 

So this year, before the cold weather began, I started to bring him to Azzatori Chiropractic for regular adjustments.  We are almost at the end of October, and my son Nathan has not been hospitalized one time this year.  He has not had a single asthma flare up in over 7 months.  I have not given him a single breathing treatment, antibiotic, or steroid since February.  He runs around with his older siblings without going into coughing fits.  I have seen many improvements since he began getting adjusted.  It also makes me feel better not having to give him so many medications. 

Chiropractic has helped my son Nathan in so many ways and I think he understands that also.  He tells me "Mommy, I love to go to the squeezing doctor."  I am extremely happy with the way it has helped my son, and only wish I would have tried it sooner!"  - Stephanie, Quakertown, PA


Keith R. - age 43

A long time patient of ours, very quiet, keeps to himself told one of my team members a story about himself and chiropractic.  After talking to the patient about how he was feeling on one of his office visits, he continued to inform her about his childhood experience and going to see a chiropractor for the first time.  He told her, that when he was in first grade, he had a hard time seeing.  His parents took him to a number of doctors and physicians.  Every doctor they saw, told his parents that he would never be able to read and that his vision would never improve.  His parents decided to try chiropractic and they took him to a local chiropractor.  After seeing the chiropractor, his vision steadily improved and his ability to read continued to improve as well.  He has had no issues with his vision since.  He continues to get adjusted, even though he feels fine, because it prevents him from getting sick.  He used to get sick for months at a time, this has not occurred since being regular with his chiropractic adjustments. 


"About five years ago, my husband and I were lucky enough to get a week away over New Years for the Orange Bowl in Miami.  We had arranged for my parents to drive in to watch our 4 kids.  The night before our 5 a.m. flight, my youngest son (about 22-23 months old) is running a fever of about 100 or 101.  After deliberating for about 3 hours, I left Dr. A's name and phone number with my parents and left for the airport. 

There were a lot of tears during that flight and second guessing of myself.  I called home when our flight arrived in Florida.  My oldest son (13 years old) answered the phone and said that his brother was fine...he was playing in his room.  He had gotten his adjustment and the fever broke later that day.  He was 4 days old when he got his first adjustment...now almost 8 years later he still remains antibiotic free!

With baseball, softball, football, and wrestling filling every month of the year for my family, I make sure the kids are adjusted at least once or twice a month when they're doing their sports.  I notice the sniffles and coughs when they're more active and make sure they see Dr. A before the sick days start.  We've even had several injuries to ankles, knees and shoulders...my first stop is always to the chiropractor."  -- M. Gray, Quakertown


"Before I started coming here, I keep coughing.  After I started coming here, I stopped coughing." -Your friend, Patty Gero (age 9)


"Our oldest child always had a hard time with bed wetting.  Now in his teenage years it was even harder. 

After seeing Dr. Azzatori and getting treatment for this specific problem it has improved a lot.  He's much happier these days and also has more confidence in himself. 

Thank you Doctor Azzatori for your help!" -- R. Oliviera


"Dr. Azzatori, My son, Tyler, was getting headaches at least every other week for about a year.  Some fo the headaches could be classified as migraines.  To try to alleviate his pain I let you and your staff treat Tyler through chiropractic.  He has now been treated for over 8 months, and in that time has only had 2 headaches and 1 migraine.  Without treatment he would have suffered through 16 or more!  His quality of life has improved and it has even helped him in sports.

Thank you very much for taking care of Tyler, and myself."  -- Tim E.


We value our patients' experience at Azzatori Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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